Thursday, April 07, 2011

Profit From Your Learning Style

Everybody has their own unique learning style, in other words, a set of needs that determine the most optimal conditions for absorbing and understanding new concepts. It stands to reason, therefore, to capitalise on it and to make your learning effective, efficient and a real pleasure.

1.What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Right? Not really. What you don’t know about your own strengths can hurt you. Of course, you can function in a style that's wrong for you, it'll be at the cost of your stress levels and health. Besides, you will function a lot better when adhering to your own style.

2.Find out what your learning style is. While some preferences are obvious, others are not, so it is important to use a reliable and valid standardized instrument.

3.Read the recommendations in your report. Again, some suggestions will be straightforward: "Study in a room with dim lights" or "Don't force yourself to get up early to memorise your work". Others will provide profound insights into why you have trouble making deadlines or communicating with your spouse.

4.Reap the benefits.

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