Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Language Styles Count!

In a bid to determine what turns a date into a relationship, USA scientists studied the first dates and text conversations of college students. They discovered that couples whose language use was similar, tended to want to meet again and again.

About 80 percent of the couples whose conversational styles were similar were still dating three months after the experiment, compared with just 54 percent of couples whose styles were markedly different.

The experiment looked at the use of function words such as "be" and "that". Here, at Creative Learning, we are proposing a much more intuitive test.

Compare your own Working Style Analysis Report with that of your prospective romantic partner. In terms of the Senses (sensory input), do you match on the talker-listener scale? Are you both visual or both internally kinesthetic, so that you find it easy to understand one another's NLP Predicate Language?

Look at the top of the WSA Pyramid: are you both analytic or both holistic? If not, you might find it frustrating or confusing if one of you starts talking without giving an indication of where the conversation is heading or what the end goal is.

Skip down to the Physical Requirements layer: are you both night owls or early birds? Your relationship will have a better chance of surviving if you both enjoy staying up late or getting up early to go for a run.

There are many more indicators of a healthy relationship. If in doubt, please contact us with specific queries.

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