Thursday, March 03, 2011

Learning Styles the Teenage Way

Teens don’t have it easy these days. At school, they have to achieve if they want to get into a good university: and that often means achievement in exams, sports as well as in the arts. At home, they have to deal with people they knew their entire lives on a totally new level. They are given more freedom and more responsibility, they are told to act their age and get told off when they do.

Hormones, peer pressure and so much to learn every day. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some help?

Help is here in a tool called LSA SWIFT (Learning Style Analysis SWIFT). Aimed especially at teens, it shows what makes them tick:
·        at home
·        at school
·        on the sports field.

It helps them:
·        communicate
·        accept themselves
·        understand others.

LSA SWIFT. Shorter. Cooler. Smarter.

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