Thursday, January 27, 2011

Learning Styles Succeed In A New Zealand School

Children running in the corridors throwing desks at one another? Cutting school? Stressed teachers quitting? Hopefully this does not sound like your school. But even if your biggest problem is that students are not performing to their ability, you will want to hear about the miracle of Learning Styles.

Learning Styles, as defined by Creative Learning, go beyond brain hemispheres and visual-auditory-kinesthetic students. Sometimes all it takes is changing ONE ENVIRONMENT element to create a world of difference.

In the example below, the key element was the students' need for HIGH MOBILITY.

Please watch this exciting video about how a failing school can turn around to become an educational success story with the help of Barbara Prashnig and Learning Styles.

What ONE ELEMENT can you change in your school? We are here to advise you.

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