Thursday, October 07, 2010

Music and Your Learning Style

We've known this for decades, yet brand-new research by McGill University in Montreal, Canada, now confirms that music helps develop and stimulate the brain. It helps with communication and motor skills, it enhances word processing.

According to music therapist Neil Jourdan: "music helps to improve vocal skills, decrease inappropriate behaviour, improve academic ability, increase attention span, strengthen social skills, aid pain management and reduce stress, enhance self-confidence and promote emotional expression."

Renowned education expert, Barbara Prashnig, has a whole section devoted to using music in education in her book, "The Power of Diversity".

So, if Baroque music slows down the heartbeat and Mozart's music stimulates both brain hemispheres, should every learner have classical music playing in the background when they're learning?

The answer depends on your child's unique learning style. Do they prefer to concentrate in silence? Are they highly analytic? Highly auditory? Would music aid or distract them? Find out today.

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