Thursday, June 03, 2010

Anger Management and Learning Styles

Anger and Irritability

Are you prone to numerous outbursts of anger or frequent bouts of irritability? Chances are, you are experiencing a working style mismatch.

Everybody has a unique Working Style a way in which you concentrate, make decisions and solve problems. If you are forced to work in a different way, one that is not inherently you, you will usually experience stress and frustration, which may result in your losing your cool in front of your boss or your loved ones.

The mismatches can be anywhere:
  • multitasking when you're a type of person who needs to concentrate on a single thread (In today’s electronic world, it’s not unusual to read emails while talking on the phone; and it’s virtually expected of you to handle several projects at the same time.)

  • details versus the big picture
  • communication style
  • type of lighting in the room
  • time of day
  • see more here.

Are you feeling stressed?

If you find it hard to concentrate at work or experience feelings of stress when entering your office, it could be that at least one of your biological needs is not satisfied. Ask yourself:

· Do I need to sit while working, or would I prefer to move about?

· Would sipping a glass of water or eating an apple while reading email help my concentration?

· Could I work more effectively earlier in the day or later at night?

· Do I need silence or background music when concentrating?

· Should my office light be bright or dim?

· Should my office be cool or warm?

· Does my desk feel right or would I rather work on the floor?

· Do I like working on my own, or do I miss being part of a team?

To answer these questions, do a Working Style Analysis (WSA) today.

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