Friday, March 26, 2010

Teenagers, Sleep and Learning Styles

At Creative Learning, we've noticed an interesting shift in Learning Style Preferences when it comes to the Time of Day element (read more about the LSA Pyramid and its elements). Two interesting shifts, to be precise.

The first shift occurs around the time a child enters puberty (typically 11-13):
  • Early Morning preferences become Late Morning or Afternoon preferences
  • Late Morning preferences become Afternoon or Evening preferences.
The second shift occurs later in life, any time between 22 and 40:
  • Evening preferences become Afternoon preferences
  • Afternoon preferences become Late Morning preferences.
We have scientific backing, too! Research reports in the medical journal Pediatrics (2005) quote scientific evidence of a biological reason: teenage sleep rhythm actually becomes different between the age 13 and 22. The change means that a teenager's performance and achievement peak in the afternoon.

This means when your child enters their teens, it's not good enough to rely on an old LSA report done three years prior. They need a new one.

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