Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learning Styles Course - Online in March

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into your students’ Learning Styles? Have you wondered what it implies for a child’s learning when they are highly holistic or internally motivated? Have you looked at a group profile and compared it to your own Teaching Style Analysis report?
Now you can.
When: 1 - 31 March 2010
Where: online
How much: EUR150
We don’t have set times when you have to be in front of the computer - do it at your own leisure. Nor do we have Real Time participation, though email participation is encouraged.
Classes will be held on a designated Yahoo Group. The way it'll work will be fairly structured yet informal, to accommodate all learning styles and most schedules:
  • the tutor will post a lesson on the forum (this will be available on the yahoo group's website and as an email sent to your address), usually with homework assignments
  • the participants will ask questions, post feedback and share homework - all by means of an email/post to the yahoo group
  • although the lessons will be posted on designated dates, the participants will be free to do them whenever it's convenient, bearing in mind that it's always best to do it when most of the class is doing it, of course....
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