Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chewing Hair - A Matter of Learning Style

  • “Take that hair out of your mouth!”
  • “Stop biting your nails!”
  • “Have you eaten the other half of the bookmark?”
  • “Don’t suck your collar.”
  • “Don’t chew the pencil.”
  • “If you carry on biting your nails, you’ll get an infection.”

If this is a familiar mantra in your household, wait. Before you start painting your child’s fingers, pens and clothes with bitter substances, try to get to the root cause of the problem.

Every child has their own unique Learning Style, in other words, every child learns in a different way:

  • some need to feel good about the topic they’re learning,
  • some need to make a model of the new concept,
  • some need to work closely with a group of friends in order to understand best...
  • ... and some need to chew something while concentrating.

All in all, there are 49 Learning Style Elements that affect your child’s ability to concentrate on their school work. Please have a look at the LSA Pyramid to see what they are.

If your child tends to chew when reading or doing homework, give them sugar-free gum, a healthy snack, a water bottle or a wooden spoon to chew on. Less stress for you, more learning for them.

Incidentally, would your child enjoy playing a maths-based board game or baking a cake in order to learn their fractions? Find out here.

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