Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maths is Fun with Learning Styles

Maths is fun. If your child thinks it’s not, the education system’s at fault for not presenting maths in a way that’s palatable to the students.

Every child has their own unique Learning Style, in other words, every child learns in a different way:

  • some need to picture what they’re learning in their minds,
  • some need to touch learning tools and aids, trace the answers with their fingers or simply write the answers down a few times,
  • some need to hear the lesson explained,
  • some need to work it out for themselves.

All in all, there are 49 Learning Style Elements that affect your child’s ability to concentrate on their school work. Please have a look at the LSA Pyramid to see what they are.

If your child is kinesthetic-external, for example, take them for a walk and:

  • count your steps,
  • skip-count the cars that pass you,
  • identify the numbers on the houses as you walk,
  • add the registration numbers of the parked cars,
  • stop to buy a healthy snack and ask your child to count the money, work out the change, etc.

A tactile child will enjoy making and using learning tools such as flip-charts, electro-boards, models and wrap-arounds.

Do you know whether your child will enjoy playing a maths-based board game or baking a cake? Find out here.

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