Monday, July 20, 2009

Matching Group Profiles to Teaching Styles

Attention All Teachers

Do you know what Creative Learning’s best-kept secret is?

You won’t believe it.

It’s the good old Group Profile.

Group Profiles have been around for more than a decade, and yet our latest research shows that fewer than 30% of the teachers know how to use it to make their lives easier.

Group Profiles

A group profile is a summary of all the learning strengths and flexibilities in your class. It explains what makes your pupils:

· Misbehave

· Not do their homework

· Do poorly in tests

· Hand in their projects late

Learning Styles

Creative Learning instruments for assessing Learning Styles identify 48 learning elements. That’s a lot of information to remember per student! Group Profiles give you a snapshot of your students’ learning needs and pitfalls.

Teaching Styles

As a teacher, you have your own unique Teaching Style, too. Is it compatible with your class’s Group Profile? If your one of your student groups seems particularly unruly and underachieving, have a look at their Group Profile and compare it to your Teaching Style.

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