Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Learning Styles and the Magic of Music

Question: I’ve heard that listening to music while studying helps children with their grades. Is that true?

Answer: It depends on the child’s Learning Style. Some students learn better in a quiet room. Others concentrate better in an environment with lots of background noise, such as the sounds of the city outside the window, the sounds of the family going about their routine tasks, the sound of soft music.

Have a look at a sample Learning Style Report to see it in action.

Question: So if my child’s Learning Style shows they have a strong preference for background noise, I should let them have the radio or the TV on while they’re doing homework?

Answer: Not quite. While it’s a good idea to ensure the room has some sort of background noise for those learners who need it, not all background noise is equal. Loud noise, a movie or inappropriate music (pop, rap) will actually distract the learner, no matter what their Learning Style strengths may be.

The best music to play for learning purposes is Classical Music such as Mozart, particularly if the student needs to be creative. For repetitive tasks, Baroque-style music is better. You can learn more about the use of music in learning through our training courses.

Question: How can I find out what my son’s Learning Style is and whether music is good for him?

Answer: Please see here for more information.

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