Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleep, Creativity and Learning Styles

  • I know about sleep. But what are learning styles?

A learning style is the unique set of preferences and non-preferences that determines the optimal way in which an individual concentrates and works.

  • Does your learning style help you solve problems and be creative?

In a nutshell, yes. If you work in an environment compatible with your learning style, you will be more productive, more creative and more able to solve problems.

  • Oh. Is that all?

No, not at all. Did you know what the latest research discovered? They looked into the correlation between sleep and problem solving, and they discovered that people who’ve “slept on it” are generally more able to solve the problem in question than those who stayed awake trying to solve it.

· And the link to learning styles would be...

Simple. If your learning style allows you to stop the task you have just begun and go off have a nap, it’s good news according to Sara Mednick, University of California San Diego, who conducted the study into sleep and creativity.

Mednick summarised her findings as follows: "We found that for creative problems you've already been working on, the passage of time is enough to find solutions. However, for new problems, only REM sleep enhances creativity."


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