Friday, June 05, 2009

Parenting and Learning Styles

Parenting and Learning Styles

What is a Learning Style / Working Style? It’s the unique set of preferences and non-preferences that determines the way in which you concentrate and work at your very best.

  1. The Busy Parent

The busy parent has:

· a job away from home,

· children in after-school care

· and dinner to make.

Objective-driven and focussed, the busy parent wears many hats and is a great organiser.

If that’s you, chances are that your Working Style is analytic (click here to see what that means). But how well do you react to change in your life? Does your children’s impulsive behaviour cause you stress? Would you be able to cope without a strict schedule? Discover your own Working Style and find out how best to manage your stress levels. Here’s how to do it.

  1. The Cotton-Wool Parent

· Provides warmth and soft landings and padding from the big bad world...

· ... too much at times.

Today’s world looks more dangerous than the one we grew up in. The cars are faster, the competition fiercer and stranger-danger has never had it easier now that we’re all online. Is your child likely to enjoy socialising online more than in real life? What does their Learning Style indicate? Find out.

  1. The Stressed Parent

No need to say more. We’ve all been there.

Stress is an integral part of parenting. However, if your blood pressure rises the minute you walk into the house, it’s probably because your Working Style doesn’t allow you to function at your best:

  • in a noisy environment, and/or
  • in a brightly lit room, and/or
  • in the late afternoon, and/or
  • without a formal structure, and/or
  • given any one of the 40+ elements.

Discover what your Working Style strengths are so that you can enjoy your family.

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