Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Magic of Learning Styles

It’s the Holiday Season in many parts of the globe. Did you know that even the way you spend this festive time depends largely on your Learning Style?

Kinesthetic people will try to include in their programme items like skiing, wind-surfing, outdoor activities or trips to fun places.
Visual people will be far more likely to want to relax with a book or the TV.
People whose Learning Style calls for doing things alone will prefer to spend Christmas in a smaller crowd than those with a preference for many peers.
Those with a high responsibility attitude might be tempted to take their laptop along when visiting family or travelling away from home.
Those who don’t like the cold and live in the Northern Hemisphere will probably be checking out the holiday travel specials to warmer climates.

With almost 50 Learning Style elements, the list can go on and on. What is your Learning Style? If you’re new to this site, click here to find out. We guarantee that you will have a better chance of a prosperous 2009 when you know how to work according to your personal strengths.

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