Friday, August 01, 2008

Concentration Problems and Learning Styles: why we struggle

Many factors may make it hard for us to concentrate:
· Stress,
· Anxiety,
· Fatigue (mental or physical),
· Boredom,
· Depression,
· Unsuitable diet resulting in yo-yo blood sugar levels.

However, the good news is, our unique learning style can actually help us concentrate, provided we know what our learning style preferences are.

(To analyse your learning style, please click here.)

Many elements make up our learning style:
· Our optimal environment (including lighting, temperature, the amount of chaos, etc.);
· Our preference for the size of team in which we work;
· Our need for detail;
· Our need for variety;
· The senses through which we best absorb information;
· ...

Do you concentrate better when under pressure with a deadline looming? Do you think most productively when sitting on the sofa? Can you solve problems best when you’re listening to the hum of the world outside your window? Find out.

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