Thursday, November 01, 2007

Learning Styles and Learning Difficulties

  • Is your child bored at school?
  • Does homework become a daily battlefield?
  • Has the teacher ever mentioned that your child tends to be disruptive or undisciplined in class?
  • Are your child’s school results a poor reflection on the child’s intelligence and ability?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with ADD (ADHD) and you feel uncomfortable with that diagnosis?
  • Is your child’s reading level below expectation?
  • Is maths difficult?

    If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above points, your child may be experiencing a mismatch between her learning style and the way in which the school is teaching the curriculum.

    Your learning style dictates the way in which you understand and remember new concepts.

    Some of the factors that affect your child’s learning style, and therefore her learning success, include:
    * Her need for snacking during the learning process
    * The amount of real or artificial light in the room
    * The presence (or absence) of background noise in the room
    * Your child’s need for adult supervision or for learning in a group
    * Your child’s preferred sense or senses for information intake
    * … and many others.

    Ultimately, if your child’s learning style needs are not satisfied, she will experience learning difficulties. She may become unenthusiastic about learning new things, her self-confidence will plunge (she may start to believe she is ‘stupid’ or ‘slow’), her attitude may become rebellious or apathetic.

    To find out your child’s learning style, have a look at this free online demo.

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