Thursday, July 26, 2007

Learning Styles can help your brain stay fit

Have ever you noticed how your ability to do a certain type of puzzle improves if you do more puzzles of the same type? Be it crossword puzzles, IQ tests (yes, you can train your brain to improve at those), or even jigsaws - practice makes you better. Recent research suggests that puzzles that rely on problem-solving, memory and logical deduction can be highly beneficial for the brain by making people approach tasks in a more flexible way.

Although your brain is not a muscle, it stays fit in the same way as the rest of your body: through exercising it. People can acquire new brain cells throughout their lives, provided their brains are stimulated.

Says Dr Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, a cognitive neuroscientist and author of The Learning Brain: “When you’re stimulating your brain, it is more active and can even grow brain cell connections. If you teach people to play the piano, the part of the brain that controls finger movements increases and is more active. That’s the idea behind brain training.”Some suggested activities for keeping your brain agile include:
· Learning to play a musical instrument (check your Learning Style first on
· Riddles, crosswords, Sudoku and Scrabble.
· Learning another language (check your Learning Style first on
· Breaking at least two habitual actions a day, e.g., altering your route to the shops or using your “wrong” hand for your mouse.
· Checking your Learning Styles Analysis report (available from and deciding which flexibility to change into a preference.


Anonymous said...

Im 17, studyng to become a teacher and even though i dont even have time to sleep i enjoy readin some of your stuff, totally worh it!

Ari said...

I completely agree, forcing the brain to constantly adapt through new learning styles is an excellent way to stay sharp. That is, in my opinion, one of the great bennefits of brain training. The programs that have been released recently have become so advanced and adaptive they constantly force the user to become flexible. A really great resource for brain health is the brain fitness channel, Anyone looking for more information on tactics and ideas on how to maximize cognitive capacity should take a look at the site.