Thursday, June 15, 2006

Style Analysis and YOU

(By Sharon D'Penha)

Because we see and meet so many people, it’s now become very important to make Learning Styles a part of our lives. Whether you are a parent, teacher or student, you will be amazed to understand how your style affects your work or study pattern.

You put your best into your daily work at office, but working hard is sometimes not enough. It’s all about working SMART. That’s why it’s so important to know what you are best at and what your style is in order to build your career.

What would happen if you enter the office one day and realise that it’s just another day, that your work pattern is the same dull and tedious one, that it simply gets no better and that you’re going nowhere? Would you just sit there? Or would you want to take yourself through to the test of discovering your true style, vision and goal of performance?

Find out what makes your work situation truly “work” for you. Perhaps you like the music on, or maybe you need to take power breaks while working. What’s the best time of day for you to hold an important meeting? Will to-do lists really help you in organising your daily tasks?

It’s all about making the best decision for yourself. It’s never too late. is the best place to discover your style. It will open up new opportunities for you and help you discover a whole new “YOU” out there in a competitive world.

Style Analysis is becoming a diverse concept in today’s world. The results and motivation are simply phenomenal and of course a step towards success.

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