Saturday, December 13, 2014

Travel Less Save More

For many companies and organisations, travel is routine. Meetings, training, site visits, and, of course, commuting to work – for most people these are all part of the daily schedule. With travel comes cost: the cost of travel, the cost to the environment, as well as the cost of productivity lost during travel time.

Communications technology can help reduce the need for travel in business today. Depending on your Working Style, tools such as the telephone, video conferencing and email can be as effective as face-to-face meetings, without the time and expense of travel.

Innovative working arrangements can also help reduce travel time. With compressed working, employees can accumulate the hours they work and then use these to take a day off. This can contribute towards fewer travel costs, for example, a person may elect to work a 10-hour day Monday through to Thursday and take Friday off.  Allowing staff to work from home one or more days per week can reduce their travel costs and improve their productivity by maintaining their work-life balance.

Are you well suited to working flexi-hours or in a virtual office? Find out.

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