Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lessons In Thinking

Who's the villain in The Sleeping Beauty story? Why, the evil witch who wasn't invited to the christening, of course. Right? Except... why wasn't she invited? And how does a magical creature become evil? And is evil just a matter of perspective?

These are the kinds of questions asked by the latest Disney blockbuster, Maleficent. The movie offers us more than 97 minutes of high-tech visual entertainment - it teaches us to think, to question assumptions, urban legends and things we've always taken for granted.

This message is also conveyed in the latest bestseller, Think Like A Freak. The authors encourage problem-solvers to challenge the status quo, to turn assumptions upside down, to think small (thinking big may make things too difficult), to ask the wrong questions, to investigate like a child.

People whose working style has a preference for variety and global thinking probably do a lot of questioning assumptions anyway. Do you? Find out what your working style is - today.

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