Thursday, December 06, 2012

Goal-Oriented or Journey-Oriented?

Picture this: you're baking a birthday cake. Your goal is to get it done as soon as possible, but your children are looking forward to the job itself, not only to the end result. Kids are super-good at enjoying the process: making a cake is every bit as fun as eating it. If you try to speed them up, you’ll end up stressed and with unhappy children.

Is your learning style goal-oriented or journey-oriented? Find out how you tick.

So, what can we learn from this? The Journey can also be The Goal in itself. The goal of the Sunday walk, for example, is to have fun, not to get to the other end of the beach - so it's ok to stop and build a sand castle.

Of course, sometimes you have to do some basic goal setting in life. Here's how:
1. Set your goals with a positive attitude.

2. Be specific. “I want to get better at Maths” is vague and difficult to measure, while “By the end of the term, I want to do addition in my head, up to a hundred” is a clear, achievable goal.

3. Be realistic. “I want to do addition in my head, up to a million” may not be the right goal.

4. Write down your goals.

5. For bigger goals, write a step-by-step plan how to achieve them.

6. Stay excited and passionate about your goals.

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