Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Teachers, Great Teachers

In the movie Dead Poets Society, teacher John Keating goes against orthodox education methods. He urges his uptight prep-school students to climb onto their desks to see the world from a different perspective.

What makes a good teacher? Depending on our own school experience as well as on the challenges facing us as parents, we may choose somebody who:

· gets learning results,
· recognises potential in students,
· identifies possible learning issues,
· identifies social problems (bullying, alienation),
· maintains class discipline,
· is aware of each student’s learning style needs, such as the need for details or the need for the big picture,
· teaches in a multi-sensory way,
· is likeable, interesting and fun.

Great teachers are more than that. They are the ones dedicated to their job and committed to their students’ individual success. They respect their class and automatically receive respect in return. Positive and energetic, they guide, nurture and inspire their pupils. While their conduct is adult and responsible, they remember what it’s like to be a child and are able to communicate on the child’s level. Enthusiastic, with a contagious thirst for learning, great teachers love their job. They teach with heart and from the heart, beyond the textbook, passing on universal wisdom and life insights.

Great teachers are born, not made. But you can help you child's good teacher become an even better one by showing him or her your child's LSA report.


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