Thursday, June 21, 2012

Discipline Issues and Learning Styles

Attention all teachers! Barbara Prashnig’s book, “Learning Styles in Action”, is a practical guide to implementing learning styles in your daily teaching practice. It does more than help you implement learning styles: it actually helps you solve your stress and discipline issues.

The book is full of scenarios and diverse real-life situations. Among others, “Learning Styles in Action” shows you:

· How learning styles can help underachieving or disruptive students

· Multi-sensory teaching and learning in action

· Ways to integrate learning styles and ICT (computer technology)

· How to create a real learning styles classroom

· The do’s and don’ts of using learning styles.

It’s a sad fact that, despite the many enlightened teachers who are doing amazing work with young people, there are still too many educators and particularly administrators and decision makers who believe learning should not be fun, it isn’t play and it can’t be made to look like play; it’s hard, hard work that cannot be made interesting. With such beliefs it is no wonder that too many students fail in education systems that do not cater for diverse learning needs.

If you want to make sure that your school is not one of those education systems, read this book. You will be amazed, astounded even, how little effort can translate into positive results.

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