Thursday, March 15, 2012

Creating Successful Companies

In the year 2012, you  need a lot more than just a PC and an unlimited access to the Internet in order to achieve in the continually-changing business world. Your web site may be the most popular link of the week, but if you don't understand yourself or your colleagues, you will fail to utilise your most important resources: the people.

Have you ever felt frustrated because your assistant takes such a long time to reach the simplest decision? Or because your best marketer never contributes during those early-morning brainstorming sessions? Have you ever wondered why you and your staff members are constantly under stress?

Such questions form just the tip of the iceberg. Diversity is what it's all about, and it has nothing to do with gender or race. We are all individual human beings and we all have different Working Styles. Some of us like working in an open-plan office, reassured by the steady hum of voices around us, others find background noise counterproductive. Some of us keep our desks tidy and make use of filing cabinets, others insist on piling their work on their desks and floor. There are those who have to know every single detail before making a decision, and those who require the overall picture first. Nothing wrong with any of those approaches, of course, provided we all know what we want. The problem, however, is that often we are not even aware of our own needs.

Do you know what makes you tick? Find out.


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