Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stress and Learning Styles

The amount of stress in your daily life, whether you are 5, 15 or 55, will depend - among other factors - on your unique learning style.

Take something as simple as the light in your house or office. Did you know that some people feel lethargic in dimly lit rooms, while others get stressed in a room in which the light bulbs are very bright? Fluorescent lights in particular can make you feel extremely agitated because of their constant flickering that your eye doesn’t notice but your brain still registers.

Noise levels can be a powerful stress-fuel too. If your working style calls for a silent environment in which to work, a modern open-plan office with its constant buzz of activity is going to make you tense and irritable.

Are you someone who loves fixed routines? Then any change at work (like moving office, a new boss, a new software package) will cause you stress. Don’t let people make light of your anxiety by saying “It’s just a little computer program, why are you so upset?” If you like routine, you will be upset by any departure from the known and the trusted. It’s in your biological makeup and you can’t change it.

Do you do mornings well? If not, having to attend a meeting at 8.30am is likely to make you feel grumpy and strained.

What are the factors affecting your stress levels? Find out.

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