Friday, January 22, 2010

Learning Styles and James Cameron's Avatar

Whether you’ve seen the movie Avatar or not, you must have heard about it. People say:
  • great visual effects;
  • there is no story and it doesn’t matter;
  • there is no story and it does matter;
  • “I want to live on Pandora” (that’s the fictional world Avatar is set in);
  • “I don’t get it: what’s all the hype about”?
These are all valid responses and opinions, and your own reaction to the movie may well depend on your own unique Learning Style.
You will probably love the movie and forgive it the rather predictable story line if you are:
  • highly visual (external as well as internal), and/or
  • internally kinesthetic (click here to learn what that means).
On the other hand, if your learning style is very left-brained, you may stop to analyse the plot holes so much, you’ll forget to look at the bigger - and amazingly beautiful 3D - picture. If a ripping good story is what you need to get you interested (highly right-brained learning style), you might come out feeling disappointed, too.
What is your learning style? Will you enjoy watching Avatar? Have a look here to find out.
And the first 5 people to write to with the correct interpretation of the main character's Learning Style (1 element only) will win a mystery prize.

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