Friday, November 07, 2008

Teenage Learning Styles and Computers

Computers are cool. You probably use one every day to play games, talk to your friends or do homework research.
However, some types or learners benefit from computer learning (also known as online learning or e-learning) more than others.
Check out your Learning Style report. If you have a preference or a strong preference in 4 or more of the below elements of the LSA Pyramid:
· VISUAL (external)
· VISUAL (words)
· TACTILE (touching)
· MOBILITY (stationary)
· TIME OF DAY: evening
· KINESTHETIC (internal),
then you learn well using a computer (education games, Internet research, etc.)

Be aware, however, that not all information you find on the Internet may be correct, unless it comes from a trustworthy site (a government website, Wikipedia, etc.)

You may also enjoy socialising on the Internet. Although this point may seem painfully obvious, keep in mind that not everybody in cyberspace is who they say they are, even if you’ve been emailing and chatting for months. Please allow your parents to discuss the topic of Internet safety with you.

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