Thursday, March 15, 2007

Learning Styles and Homework

(Continuing the Homework series - please see previous posts.)

What’s better, a good education or a carefree childhood? Is it better for a child to do homework or to enjoy other activities? Is there an acceptable compromise? Can you have both?

The most important thing to realise when asking such questions is that homework, when approached correctly, is not a horrible waste of time which tortures the minds and souls of school children. Quite the opposite, in fact: homework can be FUN!

How? That will depend on the child’s learning style. A holistic child will want to know why they need to do homework, an analytic child will have to approach it step-by-step from the beginning, a routine-oriented child will need a degree of sameness around the homework ritual (same time, same place, same favourite toy sitting next to the textbook), and so on.

Every child will also need their own learning area. Again, depending on the child, that may turn out to be the bedroom or the family room, with a desk or a comfortable bean bag, with soft learning-friendly music or without, with just the right degree of lighting, with or without a friend.

To find out what your child needs in order to turn homework into something as enjoyable as swimming or watching TV, please visit us on and order their own Learning Style Analysis.

Speaking of TV... it all sounds good when the proponents of abolishing homework cry for our children to have more time to do the things in life that children should do: climb trees, so fishing, spend time with the family. But in reality, where would that extra free time really be spent: in the tree house or in front of the TV?

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