Thursday, January 11, 2007

Learning Styles and Personalized Teaching Pocket PAL

"As teachers generally teach the way they learn best themselves, they will often not be aware that more than half of their students learn very differently and need different approaches. It's a sad truth that a mismatch between teaching methods and learning styles always leads to discipline problems, reduced academic achievement and often comes with a high social cost.

It is possible for both teachers and students to become more flexible in using analytic and holistic approaches but teachers need to lead the way by practicing certain strategies.”

That’s an excerpt from Barbara Prashnig’s latest book, “Learning Styles and Personalized Teaching Pocket PAL”, published by Network Continuum 2006. If you’re an educator and would like an express introduction to Learning and Teaching Styles, this is the book for you. Its slim dimensions (10cm by 20cm) allow you to carry it with you for easy on-the-spot consultation.

Although aimed primarily at teachers, the book is also an invaluable resource for parents who are interested in helping their children achieve their learning potential.

Full of illustrations and supporting graphs, bullet points, overviews and summaries, this book practices what it preachers by catering to the diverse Learning Styles of its readers.

The book is available from our website,

Creative Learning would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful learning new year.

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