Thursday, September 28, 2006

Introducing the LSA Junior MINI - what’s new in Learning Style Analysis

We’re very excited at Creative Learning this week, as we’ve just launched our latest product: the LSA Junior MINI.

Aimed at the 5-10 year old market, the LSA Junior MINI delivers the same comprehensive report as the LSA Junior, and it also offers the 3 report versions: one for the student, one for the parent, one for the teacher.

So, what’s different? For the LSA Junior MINI, we’ve reduced the number of questions to make it easier for the younger students to complete the questionnaire in one sitting. We’ve also introduced the option to reply “I don’t know”, thus giving the child more freedom to explore their learning styles.

We’ve also introduced a few new sections in the Parent version of the LSA report:
· Is my child gifted?
· Is my child underachieving at school?
· How safe is my child on the Internet?

The LSA Junior MINI... so minute it will only take a few minutes to complete.

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